History of HDT

HDT is the result of six companies coming together in 3 continents around the world. The history and background of each of those six companies is rich and decorated.

  • 1943

    Huron (US) founded in 1943

  • 1968

    Specialist Heat Exchangers (UK) founded 1968

  • 1973

    Friulpress (Italy) founded 1973

  • 1976

    Bend All (Canada) founded 1976

  • 1983

    Raco (Italy) founded 1983

  • 2001

    Raco Hungary founded 2001

  • 2005

    OML Morando Founded Italy–Poland 2005

  • 2006

    Raco China founded 2006

  • 2006

    Dynamic Technologies Group created through a merger of Raco + Friulpress + OML Morando + S.H.E., 2006

  • 2008

    Bend All joins Dynamic Technologies Group 2008

  • 2012

    Bend All (Mexico) founded 2012

  • 2017

    HDT founded (Dynamic Technologies + Huron) 2017

  • 2019

    HDT headquarters, Livonia, Michigan, opened 2019

The oldest foundation of HDT, Huron Inc. started as a screw machine component manufacturing company in Lexington, Michigan. Over the last 75 years Huron has diversified to produce complex system critical tubular assemblies. The original products are still produced at the Lexington plant that has been expanded and modernized many times.

Specialist Heat Exchangers (S.H.E.) was launched in Lincoln, England with the main product using the unique and proprietary wire wound heat exchanger technology.

Friulpress Samp started in Chions, Italy – not far from the current Sesto al Reghena site. The Sesto site has been expanded several times over the years to become a European leader in precise high pressure die castings.

Bend All was started in Ontario, Canada by two German immigrants as a tooling and equipment company and then transitioned into automotive fluid handling & seating parts manufacturing. Bend All has won the prestigious GM Worldwide Supplier of the Year Award six times.

Raco was founded by local industrialists in northeastern Italy, in the region of Friuli. Raco soon added operations in Hungary, China and Brazil to become a global leader in aluminum tube components for the HVAC industry.

OML Morando started as a family business in Turin, Italy. The company’s founders were well known in the automotive tubing component industry with a specific technical knowledge of stainless steel components.

Dynamic Technologies Group (D.T.G.) started with the partnership of the leaders of Raco & Friulpress and then the acquisitions of OML Morando, S.H.E. and Bend All Automotive.

The ownership of Huron acquired 100% of D.T.G. and merged the companies into HDT. Principal shareholders being Ardian, a global private equity group headquartered in Paris, France.