Automotive HVAC

Our vast experience in precise end forming and bending technologies has made us an industry leader in automotive components that handle coolant and refrigerant that are used to control temperatures in passenger compartments

  • Heater core tubes and assemblies
    • Products related to passenger compartment heating systems
  • AC evaporator and condenser tubes and assemblies
    • Refrigerant conducting assemblies for automotive interior cooling
  • For Tier 1 suppliers, our HVAC products meet or exceed the requirements for a variety of HDT customers

Our precise end-forming equipment and tooling, designed and manufactured in house, provides the world’s best forming and machining capabilities

  • Our end forming equipment can combine up to eight forming or machining steps
  • Our products can incorporate in house formed plastic placed over moldings to facilitate installation and to lower costs
  • Many of our HVAC assemblies feature mistake proof aluminum brazing
  • Cleanliness is ensured by state-of-the-art product washing systems in each of our HVAC plants.