High-Pressure Die Castings

HDT produces precise, lightweight high-pressure die castings and assemblies for various fuel, electric and hybrid applications.


  • Coolant pump housings
  • Transmission and engine oil pump housings
  • Crankcase covers
  • Clutch plate covers


  • Steering system housings
  • Printed circuit board covers and housings for vehicle control and safety products
  • Structural supports
  • Brushless motor carriers
  • Gas valve housings
  • Each day at our vertically integrated, state-of-the-art casting factory in Italy, we manufacture thousands of high-volume, lightweight, precise castings. In-house CT scans are used to verify our products and processes
  • Our process reduces porosity, meeting the most stringent industry standards. We also design our process for maximum die life to reduce program lifecycle costs
  • We preserve the tightest, most stringent geometric tolerances
  • The shapes of HDT casting products are highly complex. We never shy away from the most challenging, demanding product designs
  • Many HDT casting products feature value-added mechanisms, from a production process designed to be mistake-free