Fluid Handling Technologies

HDT’s seven fluid handling production sites are vertically integrated with greater than 98 percent of the value-added activities done on premises. Minimally used exterior subcontracting is used primarily for coatings.

  • Tube cutting for a variety of materials: aluminum, low carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Every type of tube forming process imaginable:
    • End facing
    • Rotary swaging
    • End forming
    • Roll grooving
    • Barb rolling
    • Interior beads
    • Ferrule locking
  • Dual-headed or single-head hose-to-tube crimping remains one of HDT’s most valuable capabilities. We crimp sizes from 8mm to 20mm using validated constructions/designs created in-house, crimpers and crimp dies
  • Stainless and low-carbon steel furnace brazing
    • Some applications require in-furnace fixtures to control contour and dimensional tolerances
  • We can design and build a dedicated, high-volume line (over 3,000/day) of flexible cells tailored to various designs
  • Automated and state-of-the-art parts washing systems ensure each assembly meets the most exacting part cleanliness requirements
  • Fully and semi-automated part assembly and verification combine value-added content and in-station defect detection with built-in systems. Anomalies are detected and restricted from leaving the cell. Defect detention is fully automatic and not operator dependent, so a repeatable and reliable system is ensured
  • Some applications require steel welding. HDT uses robotic cells that ensure a very consistent weld process. MIG, TIG and Resistance welding are used as required
  • For some critical HVAC applications, we extrude our own aluminum tubing with state-of-the-art extruders
  • Proprietary wire-wound brush heat exchanger modeling software helps us design and develop high-volume heat exchangers with excellent pressure-drop characteristics for a variety of automotive applications